Re-rebooting the Spanish translation


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I'm creating a new thread since this is a total new project and team. RockinX got a job, studies, etc., so in the past months I led this. We've gotten our info back and this is ready to start again, going on for the rest of gen 5 and keeping it working on gen 6. The rest of this post is going to be in Spanish, as anyone participating must be really fluent in it.

Se ha podido recuperar la información de los grupos sociales de los foros antiguos y he relanzado el proyecto de traducción. Ahora mismo no contamos con mucha gente activa y sería genial tener más participación. Si te ves capaz de traducir correctamente, envíame un PM en castellano pidiendo entrar y contándome un par de cosas sobre ti.

Este proyecto pretende finalizar la información de la quinta generación y seguir adelante en la sexta, donde con tiempo, gente y esfuerzo podemos seguir mejorando la traducción y pasar de habilidad, objetos y movimientos a también traducir análisis, Pokémon y artículos variados.

Así pues, si estás interesado, contacta conmigo.
Hi Joim.
I just wrote today a PM to Setsuna and another one to RockinX, as I was interested in participating in the Project once again. I was previously selected in Setsuna's translation team, but couldn't keep up due to my job and my master's degree.
Now I have some more spare time to do what I like, so I'd gladly participate in the Project. If for any reason a retest must be done, let me know so we can clear that up ASAP.
Hello Joim,

Just wrote you a PM today, I'm a new Smogon member but I'm a native speaker in Spanish. I'm currently an Undergrad studying Spanish and Computer Science at school, so I know both Spanish and HTML. I'm happy to help with anything you want

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